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By Billg.Official
  • Jun 04, 2021

For what reason do prior individuals mine at a higher rate?

Prior employees mined at a higher rate to remunerate organisational obligations when they were commonly necessary. BillG Coin aspires to be the world's most widely used and accepted cryptographic currency. To achieve this goal, BillG Coin encourages its most punctual employees to make promises that will ensure the company's long-term success (e.g., getting and developing the organization). As more people join the group, the rate of mining slows down to reflect the importance of early pledges. Currently, the base rate of mining parts increases by a factor of ten each time the number of dynamic clients increases by a factor of ten (see chart beneath). When the company reaches a certain number of clients, this rate will eventually drop to zero (for example 10 million or 100 million). Excavators will be compensated by exchange charges rather than the printing of new money by then, just like Bitcoin.