Following are the terms conditions of billg coins.

  • Billgcoin.com is the most innovative technology based exchange system in the world.
  • Basically, Billgcoin.com is an exchange system like (Binance and coinmarket etc).
  • Currently there are Two coins in this exchange. That are Billg coin (free) and the other one is Billcoin pro.
  • Free mining can be done in Billg coin (free). Like new accounts, referrals and pic mining etc.
  • As it has been mentioned in 2021 that Billg coin (free) will be launched in 2025. Free mining will be stopped in December 2024 and the procedure of buying and selling will start.
  • There is no confirmation of Billg coin (free) rate right now.
  • Billg coins exchange may allow trading of new coins in future also.
  • Trading of old Crypto currency technology like Bitcoin is not possible on this exchange because this exchange is advanced technology based.
  • No one can manipulate the market with massive buying and selling in Billg exchange.
  • Selling and buying of more than 200$ in one transaction can not be done at once.
  • No trader can buy and sell more than 1000$ in one hour. For example: If someone wants to buy and sell 10,000$ then he can buy or sell 1000$ coins per hour.
  • Coins will be transferred to any other account after the deduction of 7.5% exchange tax on every deposit.
  • Maximum 200$ can be deposited at one time. If a deposit exceeds limit of 200$ then that will be automatically divided to the mentioned amount
  • The deposit duration will be from 30 minutes to 24 hours and rate will be given after the approval of deposit request.
  • 10,000$ transactions can be done in USDT wallet at one time. Withdrawals can be taken 5 times in one day.
  • Fee of every withdrawal will be 1$ and on unverified accounts an additional 2% fee will be charged.
  • Exchange charges will apply on every deposit. The buying and selling from USDT wallet will be 7.5% exchange charge free.
  • USDT is the only payment method for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Every client can get 3 status. Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • Every new client will have Silver status with no referral commission and that status would be automatically shifted to Gold after verification of account in which 66% of exchange fee will be given to 1st level client and 10% of exchange fee will be given to second level client of the referral commission.
  • In Platinum status referral commission will be given till 5 levels. 66% will be the exchange fee on 1st level, and 10% on 2nd to 5th levels.
  • Platinum status will not be in anyone's link. After getting the Platinum status one will be directly shifted from referral to the company.
  • In the Billg exchange system no one can change the rate due to its advanced technology system.
  • The rate of Billcoin pro will rise very rapidly. It will rise within three months from 0.10$ to 0.50$ in the month of May.
  • Company will have the right to stop trading in terms of any hacking attack or haphazard situation for some specified time.
  • Account will be blocked due to any fraud activity like a fake request of payments. The account can be blocked by the company for three months.
  • Account verification is easy. Everyone can create only one account on his name.
  • Company has right to change its rules and regulations at any time with announcement.

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