Account Sell Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Payment will be sent to you within 7 to 14 days of the cell account request.
  • 2. Accounts will be the only ones whose name, address, phone, email will be correct. Verification can also occur.
  • 3. If different fake accounts are created from different software or mining is done through some software then the account will not be sealed but will be blocked.
  • 4. Only those accounts could be sealed whose referrals would be done after all the real and mining time.
  • 5. If 70% of referrals are not active, the account will not be sealed. Don't create fake accounts with any different names.
  • 6. The active client will be the one who has done at least two referrals and five mining in the last fortnight.
  • 7. Payment will be made with Bitcoin and Perfect Money.
  • 8. For payment, it will be necessary to have Perfect Money account in his name.
  • 9. Phone number, email and data will be changed after payment of account. You will not receive subsequent referrals and coins.
  • 10. 30 days after sealing the account, you can create a new account with the same number, name.
  • 11. BillG coin has the power to sell coin or full account after buying from you.
  • 12. There will be 15% charges on account payment.
  • 13. BillG Coin Accounts rate will be on daily basis.
  • 14. BillG Coin has the power to change the Terms and Conditions
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Account Sell Rates

# Minimum Coins Rates (USD) Date

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