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By Billg.Official
  • Jun 04, 2021

Would i be able to mine from more than one gadget? How does the organization forestall counterfeit records, bots, and so on from procuring BillG Coin?

No, you can't mine from multiple gadgets at the same time. One record for each individual is the organization's strict policy. To ensure that BillG Coin is not mined by fraudulent records, BillG Coin has a multi-pronged approach. Peruse a little less...

To begin, the company uses Google's recaptcha v3 to determine whether a device is operated by a human or a machine. (Most customers will be completely unaware of this innovation because they are real people, but bots may start seeing manual human tests if Google's algorithm detects them.) In the long run, we're also developing an AI calculation based on real-world mining behaviour to detect bots.


Additionally, BillG Coin's agreement calculation requirement (security circles) makes counterfeit records easy to spot. Counterfeit recordings will not have enough genuine people pointing at them through safety circles. In the optimistic outcome, counterfeit records would point at one another, with few pointers from the rest of the company approaching. With PC calculations, this irregularity is very apparent. When BillG Coin reaches its third and final stage - Mainnet - only records verified as having a location with undeniably authentic persons will be acknowledged.


Regardless of if any remaining techniques passed up some "bot" accounts, this client approval interaction will also eliminate them, because bot owners will not show bots as genuine individuals with genuine names. We're looking towards decentralized KYC measures that aren't too intrusive right now.